Gretchen and I spent the morning volunteering for Project Angel Food in Hollywood and thought it would be nice to find a fab spot for lunch in the Larchmont Village area. As we were pulling into the public parking, I saw Vernetti from the side of my eye and thought “that’s where we should go.” It looked lively, airy and very inviting even from across the street and as we walked in, the look did not deceive us.

It’s has a rustic yet modern style (Gretchen fell in love with the chandelier) and a large mirror on the side wall, so even if you are seated facing the wall like I was, you can see everything going on behind you.

We started off with, it may shock you, wine. Gretchen with her Pinot Grigio and me, as usual, sampling two reds before choosing the Chianti la Masse di Greve. For lunch we shared the Avocado Toast and the Baby Arugula Salad.

Unfortunately, we had to send back the Avocado Toast twice because the eggs were watery; not just runny, but watery. They apologized profusely and said they’d remove it from the bill, which they did.  Third time was a charm though. After the first bite, Gretchen thought for sure it was a Fab Choice; I, on the other hand, liked it, but wasn’t a fan of the balsamic cippolini marmalade. I thought it gave it a sweet but sour taste.  But we both thought the Baby Arugula Salad was Fab.  For dessert, because we have to try a dessert if we’re going to blog about it, we had the Strawberry Panna Cotta. It looked like a mess when we got it, but it was smooth and creamy deliciousness.  Before we left, we knew we’d definitely be back to try some of their other menu items.

Celeb Sighting!! Vivica A. Fox was there at the table next to us with some friends, and she is just as beautiful and FAB in person as she is on tv.  Sorry Kenya… NOT!