Project Angel Food – Day 1: In the Kitchen

So today’s the day!  Our first day volunteering in the kitchen at Project Angel Food! While I was excited to volunteer, I wasn’t all that excited about waking up at 7am, but we got there on time and there was a spot left in their parking lot, which was great.

We got all cleaned up with our hair nets, gloves and aprons, then waited to be assigned something to do… and then waited a little longer. I assumed there would be someone there to welcome us and point us in the right direction, which they did for many of the other volunteers, but we were in a bit of a limbo at first. We were finally given a big box of parsley that they wanted the stems pulled off of. Awesome! We were grateful not to be tasked with chopping onions like some of the Bank of America employees who were also there volunteering.

After the stemming, we took a break and got snacks at 7-11 next door, then headed back to chop up all the parsley we had just stemmed. Then after the chopping, they said we were done… a little early (around 11:30am) which was nice as we were starving and beat. From there we found our way to Vernetti in Larchmont Village for a nice lunch.


  • Wear comfortable shoes! You can take a break, but you’ll be on your feet all day.
  • Get there at least a little early so you can park in their lot.
  • If you touch your clothing with the gloves on, change them out for a new pair. I accidentally got a hair on my glove after scratching my shoulder. Thankfully, I found it right away.

Project Angel Food: