I met Gretchen at Pace tonight because I foolishly left my house keys in her car after our fabulous lunch at Musso & Frank’s. She was meeting her friend Steve Schweidel (aka Schwidy) there before his long flight to Australia where he was going to see Jewel, one of the performers he manages, so she invited me to join them and retrieve my keys.

Because I also had the garage keys on that key chain, I wasn’t able to get the car out, so I took Uber Pool, and because I wasn’t sure just how long it would take with Uber Pool, I left a little early.  Thankfully, we didn’t hit much traffic and also didn’t need to pick up any other riders, so I ended up getting there about 10 minutes early. And thankfully, they let me have a drink at the bar even though they hadn’t opened yet.

This was my first visit to Pace. It’s a beautiful cosy rustic restaurant on Laurel Canyon Blvd, just up the hill near the Canyon Country Store. It’s somewhat dimly lit with beautiful creative artwork decorating the walls. Definitely a great date spot. They also have an organic menu with locally grown fresh vegetables which is a Fab Choice indeed.

Gretchen arrived soon after with Schwidy and we all shared a bottle of chianti. I ordered the Pollo al Legno (grilled organic chicken breast), Gretchen ordered the Grilled Niman Ranch, Grass Fed, Prime Ribeye, and Schwidy ordered the Linguini alle Vongole: All Fab Choices! And Gretchen got a side of spinach, which I don’t care for, but I must admit, it was really good. I look forward to trying it again next time. We finished it off with the Chocolate Lava Cake. Fab!

After we filled our bellies, I said my good-byes and took Uber Pool home. Gretchen also went home and Schwidy left for his 18 hour flight soon after.  A great night all-in-all.


  • While they do have valet parking, I’d take Uber or Lyft there.  Don’t expect to find parking yourselves.
  • Even if you don’t like spinach, try it at Pace.  It’s delicious.
  • Order the Chocolate cake when you arrive.
  • Go see Jewel in concert if you get the chance!!

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