Gladstones By The Sea

Gladstones By The Sea

After a long morning, I decided to take the long trek out to Malibu to see my friend Sally who was doing some work at Gladstones.  I figured that even though I was exhausted and over-tired, a couple hours beach-side was necessary.  Plus hanging with Sally is always a joy, and it’s been like 25 years since I’ve been there, mind you I was likely intoxicated last time I was there, but I digress….

So… I got there just after 2pm and needless to say, it’s just stunning.  Beautiful blue ocean and sandy beaches, plus it was a clear blue day with cool breezes and the warm sun delicately beaming down.  You could see all the way out to Catalina Island.  Perfection!  California has done a lot to clean up the waters and the air and it shows, for sure.

Now, if you haven’t been to Gladstones, you’re missing out.  Everyone in LA knows about it, even the people an hour away in Hollywood like me.  I remember it used to have barrels with peanuts and peanut shells covering the floors, but they’ve made a lot of positive renovations and expanded a bit too.  It’s designed with apropos beachy decor and has a large outdoor seating area, beach view dining area, and of course the bar with sports playing on several mounted tvs.  They also just celebrated their 50th anniversary with a newly designed menu, a new beer garden and revamped sound and media systems.  They’ll also be adding an outdoor bar area by summertime.  Fun Fact: It’s now owned by former mayor Richard Riordan who also owns the Original Pantry Cafe.

So by the time I arrived, it wasn’t too crowded, so I picked a seat outside on the patio over looking the ocean.  Sally came soon after with her friend Claudia and we sat almost meditatively for a moment in the sun before ordering.  They both ordered their favorites while I went for the Tuna Tartare which, if you know me, is kind of my kryptonite, not as much as lobster, but a lot cheaper.  Whenever I see it on a menu, I have to have it.  This Tuna Tartare, though, was just ok, though.  It seemed to need seasoning, some S&P, but tasted a lot better with the seaweed.

Sally’s favorite is the Ahi Tuna Sandwich which was blackened as was Claudia’s favorite Catch of the Day: Sea Bass which I was salivating over.  They also asked for the side of Cole Slaw which they love, and I agree, it was quite tasty.  Thinly shredded cabbage and lightly dressed.  Yum!

After our Fab meal, we chatted for a bit longer, trying to take in the sun and make every moment last before having to get back to the real world.

Needless to say, if you can take a few minutes to head to the beach and just veg with friends, try going to Gladstones.

FYI, there’s beach park self parking and valet next to the restaurant.  Each is $10 and Gladstones doesn’t validate.

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